Content Marketing Platform

Powered by Aura™, the AI Brain Built for Brands

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Combining the Science of AI
with the Art of Brand Storytelling

StoryStream’s unique AI, Aura™, helps you put the content that matters most in front of your customers to build a deeper brand relationship and influence their buying behaviour.

Aura™ - Proprietary AI Modelled on the Human Brain

Encompassing a unique range of advanced content marketing skills

Surface Recommended Content

Remove the guesswork from deciding what content your audience will respond to with StoryStream’s suggested content features.

Instantly find assets with a higher likelihood of driving engagement and conversions based on analysis across more than 25,000 data points.

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Centralise Company Wide Assets

Restore and maintain order across your entire organisation with intuitive, in depth asset management features.

Work locally or collaborate globally through flexible content folders that make assets readily available for any marketing need.

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Automatically Tag Content at Scale

Powerful AI tagging technology automatically analyses and tags content as it enters the platform.

Significantly reduce time spent curating content and eliminate wasted investments in assets that become siloed within teams.

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Effortlessly Distribute Content in Real-time

Built-in multi channel publishing solutions enable brands to seamlessly distribute content across any stage of the buyer journey from directly within the platform interface.

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